An AIoT for intelligence Wi-Fi sensing

Last year a privacy-compliant AIoT connection device was launched. That uses a Wi-Fi access point that sensors the capability of the smallest of small devices along them to differentiate among humans, animals, robot vacuum appliances etc.


AI Wi-Fi sensing software tracks Wi-Fi radio waves through walls, people and objects through a set of sensors and that sensor enable the add hosted platform to detect import events.

For example:- when a person falls over and any effect on breathing rate.


The machine learning algorithm eschews privacy risk that undermines smart home products. The algorithm covers and encompasses Firewall cloud services application interfaces and users interfaces.

The company claims to offer a unified solution to deploy Wi-Fi sensing in new products combining intelligent algorithms, Software and Hardware.

Customers are expected to be able to reduce the usage of the line of sight Technology as it ensures the privacy to AIoT and Wi-Fi sensing Technologies like computer versions which risk jeopardizing user privacy.


This technology is expected to reduce the lead time for our providers as well as internet service providers and Tech companies across vertical Industries like property, insurance, health care and energy.

This platform focuses on connecting securities, building automation, energy efficiency and Healthcare.


 Now AIoT will be marketed to both business-to-business and consumer use cases.


This technology can contribute to elevating the industry of the internet of things to the intelligence of things.

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