Do cars need to be serviced every 6 months


Cars are long-run investments thus to extend the life of your car a proper maintenance schedule is a must. Buying a car is not an affordable investment to make so we do need to show some extra care and attention. 


A four-wheeler owner should follow a dedicated maintenance schedule for their car. As every car is built differently. The most eligible maintenance schedule should have specific servicing intervals. Your car’s Next servicing schedule depends on your last servicing. The servicing module depends on your car’s age.

Here are some ideal ways to keep your car in good condition:-


 Every four-wheeler owner should consider getting an oil change periodically. No matter how often you drive you should always invest in a quality oil for its better and smooth functioning. These regular oil checkups would also help you in inspecting any oil leakage if any as oil leakage can severely damage your car engine and corrosion. Thus making it necessary to get your car serviced every 6 months.


 Car batteries usually get drained. Professionals will always suggest you stay in touch with your car i.e. you can turn on the engine of your car so that it doesn’t collapse. Weather conditions also affect your car’s battery. You should always pay attention to your car’s battery age, necessary fluids for your battery, terminals that open the bonnet preventing it from corrosion.


You should never neglect the other mechanical parts of your car i.e. external lights, hand brakes, horn, gears, radiator, air and oil filters, car jack, battery, seatbelts, windscreen, and other operational tools. Thus you should always listen to your car by following a dedicated service schedule in your car’s manuals to take care of the small issues before they become major issues.

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