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If you plan on buying a second-hand vehicle or you wish to sell your own then the very first thing you should do is crosscheck your challan blacklist details in advance. If you have a blacklisted vehicle, or you are about to purchase one then several legal complications will come before you. Learn everything about blacklisted vehicles in India. 


In general terms, a vehicle gets blacklisted if there are some issues with the documentation for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle. There can be several other reasons too like conversion of the vehicle from a yellow board to a white board(i.e. From commercial to private), pending tax against it, or if there is an FIR against the vehicle.   

Ways to check blacklisted details for your vehicle

A Vahan e-service portal is created by  The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways which serves as a centralised national register for all the vehicles over the entire country.  With the help of this portal, you can know the vehicle blacklist details. Follow the details and know if there are any pending blacklist details against your vehicle.


  • Open the portal and log on to the Vahan Portal : Click here to login to Vahan Portal
Vahan Portal
  • Enter your vehicle number. 

Once you enter the accurate details, a new window will appear and you can see the status update where your vehicle has been blacklisted. You will also be able to see the blacklist details such as the nature and place of complaint, or the FIR details.     

find challan list

Your vehicle can also e blacklisted due to enforcement.  This happens when the fines of traffic rules violations are not paid. RTO will deny you all the services such as the transfer of ownership,  renewing registration, etc. In such a situation, visit the Motor Vehicle Department and clear all your pending fines to nullify the echallan blacklist. 


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