GPS Tracking Devices: How It Started Vs How It’s Going

GPS is a satellite independent tracking system that provides navigation, positing, and timing services. GPS has been in the world since a few time and is now available to almost everyone. Life has become easier and comfortable with GPS technology. People have started employing GPS for various purposes such as navigating traffic, or to get an accurate search result on the web. 

GPS tracking devices : A Timeline History

As mentioned earlier, GPS tracking technology was only used by the military services. Local people were not very curious about its use. It was in 1996, that the generation realised that GPS can be very useful to the normal public as well.

Since then, changes are being made as a result of which now GPS is available to the local public too. Changes incorporated fleet managers to take advantage of the GPS technology to monitor their vehicles. Additional changes are taking place.

Finally in the year 2006, the GPS satellites were launched into space to orbit the earth. This made the management easier.

GPS and Fleet Tracking : The Present Scenario

The time when fleet tracking had just started, the companies had to invest in the GPS tracking companies to use the GPS tracker satellite. Old time’s GPS were not easy to implement and were quite expensive for the fleet managers to buy. But now GPS tracking is much more affordable. With the evolution of technology, GPS is now portable and can now accommodate fleets of all sizes and types. 

Devices are lighter now like smartphones. GPS tracking shares efficient data and real-time updates. It even keeps a track of your objects and all you need is a smartphone or computer to check updates. Now-a-days GPS has become a viable technology for small fleet businesses and large companies. 


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