How can I put a tracker on a car without them knowing?


GPS trackers would help you in monitoring a vehicle, a person, asset, or even your pets as some companies also offer a variety of Pet trackers. These GPS trackers are considered to be one of your efficient purchases.

You can consider buying a GPS tracker for the safety of your business, fleet, and family. You can only install a GPS tracker if you are the legal holder of the property, that is if you cannot place a tracker in anyone else’s asset without their permission.

These are small and compact devices hence can be mounted anywhere.

Some common places to install the tracker on a car without them knowing are:-


Under the dashboard:-

It is the most common and safe place to hide a GPS tracker inside a car. No one would ever suspect a GPS tracker under their dashboard taped on with the suspicious wire. And you can also plug the tracker at the midpoint of the driver’s seat.

Inside the wheel or on the bumper:-

Hiding a GPS tracker inside a wheel cap or on the bumper is another common spot for hiding a GPS tracker, you can attach it with the help of a tape, magnet, or any adhesive but be careful as it is also important for you to not to cut wires that can cause a short that affects the rest of the car’s electrical system.


On your interior:-

Most of the time GPS tracker is hidden inside of the car thus making it difficult for anyone to suspect for example, under the seat covers, car mats, inside the steering wheel, inside the air ducts, or even in air filters, or any other specialized car accessories, etc. Making it difficult for anyone to detect the big.

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