How to change the address on driving license?

A driving license is an important document that is supposed to be carried along with a person whenever he is driving on roads. The driving license shows your information such as your name, your current address, Date of birth, etc. Most of the time your driving license is used as your address proof so whenever you shift from a place then you must update your address in your driving licence.

How to change address on driving license?

 The first step that must be followed is to submit an application form along with some relevant documents to the respective RTO. One can either submit their application online or offline as per their convenience.




Here is a step by step guide to change the address on state name driving license:

  1. Open the online portal
  2. Select your state name
  3. A new page will open, now select “DL Services” from the options
  4. Click on the continue button
  5. The new page will open and fill in your details such as your Driving license number, date of birth, state, RTO, pin code, etc.
  6. Now, click on proceed and your complete driving license details will appear on the page.
  7. Verify your details and press confirm button.
  8. A list will appear in front of you and then select “change of address in driving license” from it.
  9. Now, enter your current or new address and submit the form.
  10. An application number will be generated, you can save this for later use.
  11. Next, upload a copy of your driving license and your address proof as well as some required documents such as age proof and self-declaration form.
  12.  Upload your photograph and your signature at the end.
  13. Now, you can book your time slot and proceed to pay the fees.

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