How to get a driving licence without a test?

Getting a driving licence without any test or enrolling in a training centre could be a challenging task but there is a  proper procedure on how to apply for a driver’s licence without any test.

The ministry of road transport and Highway has made some new rules for getting a driving licence. The entire procedure is online, under which you can register for a learner licence and would have to go undergo proper training and can further apply for a driving licence at Regional Transport Office (RTO).

The ministry of road transport and Highway has announced that the new rules will be effective from July 1 2021. The training centres will provide a dedicated driving test track to give high-quality training to learners and you would have to submit some documents such as medical certificate coma Learner’s licence surrender of driver’s licence and renewal of driving licence.

The new guidelines are as follows

  • As per the new guideline, the accreditation will be given to the Training Centre if you meet the biometric test, driving track, criteria of space and IT to carry out the prescribed training course.
  • A minimum qualification of having passed in class 12th and a driving experience of at least five years is a must for the driving instructor.
  • The entire driving course duration is 29 hours which includes 21 hours of
    practical and eight hours of theory.
  • At least 1 acre of land is necessary to get accreditation at training centres of
    two-wheelers, three-wheelers and light motor vehicles.
  • The training centre will only grant the accreditation for five years and will have
    to be renewed after that.
  • The training centres should have at least 2 acres of land for heavy vehicles.

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