A thin-tracker is a device that is a dramatically super flat and compact battery that reduces component counts and lowers the power consumption and is waterproof that supports insertion into an envelope or a plastic pouch which is used in shipping documentation and gives possible accurate tracking of the package or item such as Courier, letter which would not be previously have been practical. They provide GPS accuracy with extended battery life and consumes low power.

These thin trackers are software rather than hardware. So, this doesn’t require a dedicated GPS chipset which results in a small BOM (bills of materials) and a low-powered consumption that supports multi-year operations from a single small battery.


This thin-tracker integrates an LTE-M/NB-IoT modem, antenna, battery, SIM , sensor and all necessary electronics measured as only 82×35×3 mm and weighting just 15g.  This thin-tracker allows its operations from a miniature battery and integrates radio functionality into space-limited designs once the tracker is installed.


These are cellular IoT chipsets embedded with a GPS receiver as software and use connectivity chips existing radio and computing capabilities. This advanced GPS tracker enables a very short time-to-time-fix which means they are cost-effective and consume low power without compromising on accuracy and sensitivity.


This embedded software uses local resources to extract real time and distance information from the satellites.

        For example- 4g/5g base station.

                                Wifi access points.


Also, there is no need to download a large database like traditional devices used to do. Once the tracker is installed a secure smartphone application is used to track and read the individual items unique identification.

The collected information is then sent to the cloud in form of a very short encoded message. Then company combines this information with assistance data to determine actual real-time location. Another potential application is preventing the theft of luggage and industrial tool shipment. 

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