The most relevant IoT developments of the year

Before we started with the new year 2022 the IoT analytic team has calculated the development of the global internet of things arena of the past year’s.

IoT was majorly influenced by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed a high rate of Covid active cases and as well as covid recovery rate. Many companies accelerated their business digitally. The market grew 12.3 billion connected to IoT devices and roughly $160 billion in IoT enterprises. The outlook remains very positive.

Here are some top 4 stories of 2021:-

Chip storage is a most unexpected IoT market inhibitor

Some major automakers companies including Ford, Toyota, Nissan, fia Chrysler announced that they would have to cut further vehicle production due to the storage of semiconductors. Many other factors contributed to the shortage in demand for computers as people worked from home, the production of chips was stopped due to the pandemic, the china US trade war that imposed restrictions on Chinese chip manufacturers that caused some factories to shut.

The storage initially impacted the automotive industry but soon moved to another area such as computers, gaming, consoles and IoT devices.

In November 2021, Nissan CEO Nikita Uchida said that it was too easy to tell when normal deliveries could resume. This IoT analytic estimated that the shortage will last well into 2022 and potentially into 2023 when new supply capabilities will become available. (Eg:- TSMC and intel).

Government initiatives on IoT, Chinese 30 fully connected 5G factories

Chinese government announced in a press release outlining a 3-year plan to create 30 fully connected 5 generations (5G) factories. This press release didn’t provide any further details but the ministry of industry and IT also asserted that ” three or five industrial internet platforms with international influence will come into being by 2023. The companies together, like Huawei and China Mobile, announced in November 2021 that it’s playing to roll out 5G to 100 factories by 2025.

Metaverse most prominent IoT related buzzword

Facebook changed its name to Meta in October 2021 and Mark Zuckerberg announced that the computer would adapt the concept of the metaverse which is a completely new concept for people. Seven months before the name changes, in March 2021 Microsoft announced its version of the metaverse. Nvidia launched omniverse, a virtual environment the company describes as a metaverse for engineers in 2020.

Upcoming IoT connectivity technology is satellite IoT

The satellite connectivity for IoT devices reached a new level in 2021 when Elon Musk bought IoT satellite spaced connectivity specialist Swarm technologies. Swarn launched 120 tiny SpaceBEE satellites into orbit with another 30 expected to follow in the year 2022. IoT satellite startup Hiber dropped its plans to launch its constellation in September 2021, while Myriota partnered with Spire rather than launching its satellites.

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