Truck maintenance tips you should follow

Every business has equipment of its own. Some are low maintenance equipment and some are high-cost maintenance equipment. Heavy machinery is and trucks are the most relevant example of high-cost maintenance equipment, and to extend the work-life of this equipment it needs regular maintenance thus a vehicle tracking system can help us in preventing expensive and scheduled downtime.


Here are some tips that you should follow father proper maintenance of your trucks:-

Identifying the reason for unscheduled breakdowns

By identifying the core reason for this unnecessary breakdown before they occur, you would anticipate your thousand dollar’s losses and we’ll not even affect the work continuity flow.

There are three types of unscheduled machinery breakdown-

  1. Thermal failure:- the word thermal is related to temperature and this failure happens during the temperature fluctuations for example- if the machinery is in cold weather and suddenly warms up it may occur the equipment overheated thermal failure can be prevented through alert messages given by tracking system.
  2. Mechanical failure:- these failures can be easily detected and this failure happened due to shock, collision, vibration, over excretion and operator abuse.
  3. Erratic failure:- This failure happens due to sudden overload on the equipment. They come from both hardware and software malfunctioning and can be maintained through safety alerts by the tracking system.

Proper training program for employees in effective machine operation

By providing proper training to the employees can help the equipment to live a long life and can help in saving money that you might have raced the for repairs and replacement full stop the proper training process doesn’t have to be complicated all ladies clear communication and instruction about the machine will help in increasing the life of their vital assets.


Detailed record of machine servicing

A detailed machine maintenance record is necessary for every business. The maintenance database must include the date of last maintenance and next maintenance plan, estimated price plans, parts that were replaced, checking tires monthly as they often get inflated in different weather conditions, changing the oil and the oil filter on the time, inspecting all other fluids and examining belts and hoses.

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