Types of GPS Trackers: Affordable solution for monitoring & surveillance


Since valuables differ in shape and form, a multitude of trackers are available to suit every need. These depend on requirement, functionality, size, and durability. Let’s dive deeper into the broad classifications. 

Be it for personal or commercial use, GPS aids in displaying the real-time location of the vehicle so much so that it can be pinpointed on Google Maps. Due to MTK’s high sensitivity,  several devices can accurately identify whether the vehicle is stationary or moving. 

Installation is also a fairly simple process; as it can be installed nearly anywhere on the device- through wired installations by a technician without hindering its accuracy. Most  GPS can easily be paired to a smartphone or a PC through Bluetooth pairing as well. For detailed features, install the provided software application, then continue to operate it smoothly.



Primary functions such as location are easily displayed but even secondary features such as anti-theft, distance covered and route accuracy are an added bonus. 

GPS is no longer just about knowing the position of the vehicle but also remotely improving efficiency through faster routes for navigation. 


Bike GPS

Size is a key factor while choosing your GPS, it is important to opt for a smaller, compact yet powerful GPS for bikes. Car and truck GPS can have certain relaxation in this regard. 

Truck GPS

Due to its main commercial use, it is imperative that truck GPS not only provide navigation and live location but also help to generate monthly usage of the vehicle impacted by factors such as fuel tracking, history playbacks, and daily distance covered.

truck gps

Child GPS

Time is of essence while tracking children, so it should include live location with a high degree of accuracy. Its monitoring can be made easier through GPS fitted in the ID card or kept in the bag of the child, which can then be tracked easily through mobile applications as well.


Asset Tracking GPS

Due to its small and compact size, it can easily be attached to devices or even vehicles.  Its magnetic property also can be utilized for electronic devices such as laptops and PCs.  With a 250 gm weight, you can carry it around or place it in valuables without any hassle. 


Since our four-legged friends are highly active, pet GPS only weighs about 20-40 gms.  Due to its lightweight and compactness, it can be attached to the collar and charged magnetically with around 800-1000 MAH, sufficient to last for a day. An added benefit would be that even on tugging/pulling the magnetic collar wouldn’t detach, an important factor to consider for feisty furries. 


GPS can be a one-stop solution for business ventures intent on tracking usage or even be used on a small scale basis such as for daily usage through asset and pet trackers. Opt for one suiting your needs and voila! surveillance and supervision have never been easier before! 


What is the warranty and subscription period? 

Warranty will be Null & void if the wires are cut during installation. You can opt for a yearly subscription or renew it on a long-term basis.

Why Lamrod GPS?

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