What happens if I don’t service my car

Cars are considered as high-cost maintenance equipment so to ensure the long run of your car you should follow a proper servicing/maintenance routine. Generally, servicing is included as an expense but damage due to lack of servicing is much greater than the cost included in the maintenance. 

Every car is built differently so every car has its maintenance routine. Timely maintenance can also reveal hidden damages. and there are hidden damages that can severely affect the functioning.

Here are some rare consequences for not servicing your car:-

Ruined engine:-

It is very important for every four-wheeler owner to keep a track of his/her car’s engine. Regular maintenance can ensure your four-wheelers stay in a good shape significantly increasing their lifespan. Repairing your car engine could be an expensive option in case of engine damage thus you should always prioritize getting your car serviced professionally.


Those vehicles that aren’t maintained properly are more likely to end up in an accident. take every possible step to ensure that your car’s brakes are working in a good condition as adequate brake fluids can stop your car brakes from working. which can result in a mishap. thus you should consider giving your car regular checkups.


Unnecessary wear and tear:-

Don’t neglect your car’s service no matter how good you are at drive .there is always a risk of leaking brake fluids, instability, overheating, corrosion, faulty parts, flat tire, etc. one of the main reasons for unnecessary wear and tear is rusting and corrosion. to handle this you should always use such lubricants/fluids that keep the internals of your car in lubricated condition, thus preventing it from wear and tear.


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